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Department of Nutritional Behaviour

The aim of the research of the Department of Nutritional Behaviour is to contribute to increasing people's well-being and quality of life in line with a sustainable development. The focus is on the people and their needs. Nutritional behaviour includes all nutrition-related actions that people carry out in everyday life (definition of nutritional behaviour). Starting from nutritional behaviour, the entire product chain is considered, from primary production, over processing and trade to consumption and post-processing. The Department of Nutritional Behaviour deals with issues of nutritional and social sciences as well as home economics. With its various research areas, it takes into account the broadness and diversity of nutritional behaviour.

Research areas

  • Future-oriented Nutritional Behaviour: problem-solving- and transformation-oriented research towards more sustainable food systems
    • Nutritional behaviour of vulnerable population groups: Investigation of nutritional and living conditions as well as participation chances of vulnerable population groups
    • Socio-ecological nutrition transformation: Research on complex nutrition-related systems as well as systemic and participatory pathways for designing transformation processes
    • Sustainable nutrition: Analysis of sustainability impacts associated with different diets; deriving of strategies to support sustainable nutrition
  • Special aspects in nutritional behaviour research: Working with consumer-oriented issues of social and nutritional sciences as well as home economics while taking the impact of societal and technical developments on nutritional behaviour into account
  • German National Nutrition Monitoring for adults: Implementation and analysis of representative surveys on food consumption, energy and nutrient intake, nutritional status and other aspects of nutritional behaviour of the adult population in Germany
  • German Nutrient Database (BLS): Provision of the national nutrient database, in particular as a data basis for determining energy and nutrient intakes from food consumption surveys