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Historical Survey of the Federal Centre for Cereal, Potato and Lipid Research


Establishment of the experimental station of cereal processing in Berlin, Seestrasse 11, by merging the "Versuchsanstalt des Verbandes Deutscher Müller" (experimental station of the association of German millers) with the "Staatliche Versuchskornhaus" (state trial granary) under the direction of Prof. Dr. MP Neumann and Prof. Dr. J. Buchwald.


Takeover of the  "Experimental Station of Cereal Processing" by the Prussian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (with the financial participation of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Prussian Chamber of Agriculture and the imperial miller associations, the central association of German bakers "Germania" and the association of German bread factories) and renaming in "Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt für Getreideverarbeitung" (experiment and research centre for cereal processing).


Takeover by the Minister for Food and Agriculture and renaming in imperial institute for cereal processing.


Prof. Dr. P. F. Pelshenke is head of the imperial institute for cereal processing as successor of Prof. Dr. K. Mohs.


Dismantling of the facilities by the Soviet occupation forces and takeover of the imperial institute by the City Council of Great Berlin. The work was continued in the West zones at the reserve posts established in 1943 in Rahden / Westphalia and in Bielefeld.


Takeover of the Berlin institute by the German Economic Committee in the Soviet zone of occupation.


Relocation of the reserve posts to Detmold in the British zone of occupation.


Takeover of the institute so far under the remit of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia by the combined economic administration for food, agriculture and forestry of the American and British occupied zones.


Takeover of the Detmold institute by the newly founded Federal Republic of Germany as Federal Research Centre for Cereal Processing and inclusion in the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.


Takeover of the "Versuchsanstalt für Getreideverwertung" (experimental station for cereal exploitation) by the Berlin Senate. Working agreement with Detmold.


Takeover of the Experimental Station for cereal Exploitation in Berlin, Seestrasse 11, and of the Research Institute for Starch Production in Berlin, Seestrasse 12, by the German Republic and merger with the Federal Research Centre in Detmold.

1966 - 1981

Extensive new construction and renovation of laboratories and facilities for technical experiments in Detmold.


Merger of the department of starch production in Detmold including an extension of the tasks in the field potato processing research.

1974 - 1975

Relocation of the Berlin department to Detmold


Conversion of the former presidial structure into a collegial one, establishment of four institutes and of a common institution. New name: Federal Research Centre for Cereal and Potato Processing


Merger with the Federal Institute for Lipid Research in Münster to form the Federal Centre for Cereal, Potato and Lipid Research in Detmold and Münster


Unification of the product related federal research centres under the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food


Historical Survey of the Lipid Research


Imperial institute for lipid research in Berlin


Start of the reconstruction of the lipid research in Münster by the DGF (German Society for Fat Science)


"Deutsches Institut für Fettforschung" (German institute for lipid research) in Münster, administratively attached to the Federal Dairy Research Centre, Kiel


Federal Centre for Lipid Research in Münster, emerged from the  "Deutsches Institut für Fettforschung (German institute for lipid research)


Inclusion of the "Institut für industrielle Fettforschung" (Institute for Industrial Fat Research) of the DFG in the federal research centre in Münster and renaming in  "Institut für Technologie und Biochemie - H.P.Kaufmann-Institut" (institute for technology and biochemistry - H.P. Kaufmann)


Creation of the Federal Centre for Cereal, Potato and Lipid Research in Detmold and Münster by merging the "Federal Research Centre for Cereal and Potato Processing" and the "Federal Institute for Lipid Research" in Münster


Merger of the two “lipid institutes" into the new institute for lipid research