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Highly-Cited Researchers - Rankings 2017


MRI up top with Professor Bernhard Watzl

Professor Bernhard Watzl is one of the world’s most frequently-cited researchers! This was revealed by the annual rankings published by the American data-analysts Clarivate Analytics. According to their findings, Watzl belongs in the one percent of researchers most frequently cited in his research field.

Professor Watzl is the director of the Max Rubner-Institut, Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food. His work and that of his institute are geared to promoting human health through nutrition. Watzl’s research focuses, amongst others, on the health impact of secondary plant substances and the influence of nutrition on the immune system. His in-depth knowledge of research on the physiological effects of nutrition both worldwide and across the various food groups makes him an important contact not only for scientists but also for political consultancy as well as for the media.

Over a period of eleven years, Clarivate Analytics, USA, analyses how often researchers are cited. This year’s list covers the period 2005 to 2015. Twenty-two different categories are differentiated based on topic areas within the natural and social sciences as well as other scientific disciplines like medicine. Nutrition falls into the category “Agricultural Sciences”. The scientists included on the list are those who belong to the one percent of most frequently-cited researchers in their topic area. The results are published every November in the annual rankings of “Highly-Cited Researchers” and have established themselves as an important indicator of a researcher’s impact in his research field.

Clarivate Analytics became an independent spin-off of the media group Thomson Reuters in 2016. The company also maintains the online database “Web of Science”.

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