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Diagnosing Type 2 diabetes at an early stage with new biomarkers


Focus on sugar and sugar compounds

The number of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes mellitus has been increasing for years. New biomarkers could speed up diagnosis in future and thus help to prevent the disease. At the Max Rubner-Institut’s Department of Safety and Quality of Fruit and Vegetables, an analytical tool has been developed for the analysis of sugar compounds and their derivatives. In study involving healthy, pre-diabetic and diabetic participants, this analytical tool revealed previously unknown sugar compounds in the blood which changed in relation to the diabetic status of participants. Thus, they may be able to serve as biomarkers for improved, early diagnosis.

Additional Information

[Translate to English:] Drei Boxplots: Darstellung der charakteristischen Unterschiede einiger Zucker und Zuckerverbindungen zwischen Gesunden, Prädiabetikern und Diabetikern