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Research Projects

Pseudomonas spp. in raw milk

Towards finding new solutions for improving milk quality

The export of German milk products has continuously increased in the last few years. This has resulted in a need for a considerable increase in the shelf life of the exported products to compensate for long transport periods and to satisfy consumer demands for high quality products.

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Antibiotic resistances of food-associated microorganisms

Multiple antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) are increasingly being isolated and some of these may cause serious infections in humans. The food chain is one possible route for spreading of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from animals to humans.

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Bacteriophages as promising biocontrol tools targeting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Bacteriophages are increasingly being investigated as promising biocontrol tools for enhanced food safety, in particular with respect to minimizing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as human pathogenic bacteria in the food supply. Therefore, various bacteriophages were isolated from environmental samples within the framework of a current departmental research project on antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Human pathogens in fresh produce

Status quo, routes of entry and influence of storage conditions.

Adulteration of foods with human pathogenic bacteria is a persistent food safety risk. Most of the pathogenic bacteria that cause foodborne disease are associated with foods of animal origin. In contrast to this, there is only limited information available on the presence of human pathogenic bacteria in fresh produce. As these products are often consumed in unprocessed and raw form, without appropriate inactivation of the microorganisms by a heat processing step, a high hygienic standard during processing is essential.

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