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Research in this area focuses on the development of starter, ripening and protective cultures for use in food fermentations. These cultures are tested for their food fermentation activities under conditions close to those found in fermentation plants. The influence of starter, ripening or protective cultures on the microbial diversity in the food and/or on the incidence and growth of pathogens in foods are studied using state-of-the art genotyping and taxonomic methods.
Further biotechnological research centers on the optimization of growth in fermenters and preservation of microorganism cultures in different matrices. In these studies, specific attention is paid to retaining functional activity at a maximal level. Microorganisms are also grown as cell-factories in fermenters with different capacities (up to 10 L) to test their suitability for production of specific biotechnologically important products.
Lastly, the research group focuses on bacteriophage-related fermentation impairments and this is done in close collaboration with the competence center bacteriophages.