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Max Rubner Conference 2017

Nutrition monitoring aims to deliver information on dietary habits and nutritional status of population groups on a regular basis. Dietary surveys assess food consumption as well as related behaviour and thus provide information required for purposes of research as well as for food and nutrition-related policy planning and programme evaluation. Rapidly evolving assessment technologies, newly designed food products, cultural and social changes, as well as addressing the issue of “big data” are only some of the reasons which require an ongoing revision of the developments in the field of nutrition monitoring.

The scientific programme of the conference covers key topics of nutrition monitoring from recruitment to new assessment methods, the potential of metabolomics in identifying biomarkers, to aspects of harmonization in Europe including developments in data sharing concepts within the scope of ‘open access’. In the final session we will take the opportunity of the convened expertise of the speakers and the audience to develop visions which might result in networking, even cooperations or initiatives. Keynote speakers will address each topic first in an introductory lecture followed by presentations with practical examples. The conference will begin with an overview of nutrition monitoring from the US perspective followed by the EU and German perspectives.