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Max Rubner Conference 2016

Food quality, food safety and the effect of food and nutrition on human health are of great interest for consumers, policy-makers and the food industry. The food metabolome - i.e. the entirety of all low molecular weight compounds in a specific food - can be extremely complex, often comprising several thousand chemical species. For this reason, untargeted metabolomics approaches have been applied to investigate food-related research issues comprehensively, shedding more light on the effect of factors like environmental influences, production and processing procedures, storage conditions or the variety. Untargeted metabolomics is also increasingly used to monitor foods in order to ensure authenticity and to detect unexpected contaminants or food fraud. Further, metabolomics is becoming more and more popular as a tool to identify markers of food intake. Consequently, food metabolomics can nowadays be considered as a valuable tool for the assessment of food quality, food safety and food-related health effects.

For the second time after 2011, this year’s edition of the annual Max Rubner Conference aims to highlight the current status of metabolomics in the food sciences and will bring together those scientists interested in this scientific approach. Leading international experts will define the state-of-the-art in this field, discuss advantages and limitations of the current analytical methods, describe the status quo of metabolomics databases and present results of recent applications.